Welcome Dean Vinson!

This month marked the beginning of Ben Vinson III’s tenure as dean of the Columbian College. “I’m excited to be here and look forward to engaging our entire community, building upon the college’s nearly 200-year-old legacy of academic excellence and exceptional achievement,” said Vinson, who comes to GW from Johns Hopkins University. Read more.

Thoughts on Friendship

Aristotle defined friendship as a “single soul residing in one body.” Jane Austen described it as the “finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.” And Oscar Wilde adroitly noted “true friends stab you in the front.” How would you define friendship? We asked several Columbian College faculty members what friendship means to them. Read more.

Unimaginable Journeys

Heidi Bardot, MA ’99, director, Art Therapy Program, recently welcomed a new addition to her family, baby Luca. As with any new arrival, it was a life-changing experience, but it was made all the more special because of the circumstances behind Luca’s birth. Best friend and fellow alumna Lena Hillinga, MA ’98, enabled this very special gift of life. Read more.

What Causes Dysfunctional Romance?

The way young adults respond to the intense emotions that come with romance may say something about how they were brought up. Michelle Kuhn, BA ’13, looked at factors such as cultural background, learned behaviors, and depression and social phobia to see whether they foreshadow dysfunctional relationships. Read more.

Studio Fellows and Visiting Artists Announced

This year’s Artists in Residence are Beverly Ross, who draws from life in colored pencil on paper and explores science through still life sketches; Sarah O’Halloran, a composer focused on relationships between music, drama, storytelling, and performance; and Stephen Wade, a Grammy-nominated folk artist who has found success in theatrical performance art. Columbian College also announced the selection of faculty members Dana Tai Soon Burgess, Eugene Montague, and Siobhan Rigg as the 2013-14 Incubator Studio Fellows. Read more.

New Understanding of Protein May Aid Fight against Cancer

Inside the body’s cells, the job of taking out the trash is done with the help of proteins like “MID1” that mark other proteins and cellular machinery for disposal. Now researchers, led by Associate Professor of Chemistry Michael Massiah, think MID1’s duties include marking a protein that may be implicated in many cancers—the first time a regulator of this protein has been identified. Read more.

Film Project Spotlights Club Foot

When Zach Gorelick, BA ’13, tells people he was born with a club foot, he’s often met with bewilderment. He partnered with his girlfriend, Hannah Silverstein, to make a documentary that will bring club foot to global attention. Their film will investigate how the condition is treated in the U.S., New Zealand, Ghana and Vietnam. Read more.

Students Design Exhibits at Air and Space Museum

Three new exhibits at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum  that explore flight gave 17 students in the Exhibit Design and Museum Studies graduate programs a chance to watch their own design talents take off. Read more.

In the Spotlight

New Books
The American Revolution Reader, edited by Denver Brunsman, assistant professor of history.

Every Rock a Universe: The Yellow Mountains and Chinese Travel Writing, by Jonathan Chaves, professor of Chinese.

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